Super Mario Bros Rom

For over 25 years, Super Mario games have held high positions in gaming charts and have won the hearts of gamers from around the world. Now you have the opportunity to discover – again or again – the original version of the game, thanks to which Mario has become a national favorite.

Embark on a journey with Mario and Luigi. Your path runs through caves and castles. Jump into the pipes leading to the dungeons, run along the platforms. At the end of each part of the game, you have to fight with the Bowser monster to free Mario’s beloved Princess Peach. And although more than a quarter-century has passed since the game was released, Super Mario Bros. not lost a drop of her charm. Note. Super Mario Bros. for the Wii U Virtual Console is the American version of the game.

Super Mario Bros Rom

The evil Bowser and his henchmen plunged the Mushroom Kingdom into the abyss of chaos! Mario and Luigi must again save the magical kingdom. In the cult game Super Mario Bros Rom Download. 3 Mario has more abilities than ever: in a Mario raccoon costume, the protagonist can fly, in a Mario frog costume – swim, and in a Fire Mario costume – throw fireballs. In addition, Mario Tanuki can turn into an invulnerable statue. Explore eight giant worlds, play new mini-games and reveal many secrets. You will make sure that Super Mario Bros. 3 really deserves the title of one of the best games of all time!

A game about Mario that does not end!

By connecting to the Internet *, you can download levels created by players from all over the world! Super Mario Bros Rom Download Maker includes many examples of levels immediately available for the game. They will help inspire players to create their own levels. These include four levels presented at the Nintendo World Championships 2015 **.

Download your creations, and the whole world will be able to appreciate them!

If you upload your levels, players around the world will be able to pass them! Discover countless amazing, unusual and interesting levels. Edit the work of other players, add your ideas and create something new and fresh!


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